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>Thanks for the Cochran article. I'll read it at my leisure. But I agree with
>our Nicaraguan friend: we need above all to look at what the Argentines say
>on these issues, and not just rely on what we can glean from a few books in
>the Columbia University library and a quick search of the Internet.

Actually, I have been considering what Argentines have had to say on these
issues for the longest time. Their names are Nestor Gorojovsky and Julio
Fernández Baraibar, a member and sympathizer respectively of the PIN. This
current that Robert Alexander calls the "National Left" came together
around the journal Octubre in 1945. Basically, it took the same attitude
toward Peronismo that I believe should be taken toward Chavez's
Bolivarismo, one of critical support but looking for opportunities to push
the movement toward socialism. In March 1971, the PIN called for
"democratization of the unions, which are being choked by a frequently
betraying and capitulating bureaucracy whose Peronista coloration doesn't
offer any guarantee either to Peronismo or to the workers." If I were in
Argentina, I'd probably be a member of this group, but with outspoken
criticisms as is my wont. In the ongoing debates between Nestor and Julio
on one side and their opponents on the other, I have made up my mind long
long ago that they are correct on the broader questions. That being said, I
have often disagreed with Nestor on one or another question. For example, I
think that his hostility to Andre Gunder Frank is ill-founded. I suspect
that his participation on email lists with Frank today, including A-List,
has helped to moderate his thinking. I also believe that Nestor has erred
on questions of indigenous rights, but so has much of the left for that

Louis Proyect
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