The Trotskyist search for "talent" and "political genius"

Tom Siblo tsiblo at
Tue Apr 30 08:51:32 MDT 2002

Dear Jurriaan:

I believe much of the "talent" and "political genius" comes from the
Trotsykist movements roots among the intellectuals. Trotsky and his theories
requires a trememndous amount of theorectical processing and at the same
time because most working people are usually not so well endowed with this
kind of mental work. The intense thinking and questioning makes leaves the
average working person feeling threatened. Marx and Engels for that matter
are not easily digested by the great mass of the world's working people.

The true political talent and genius is to develop working people who are
able to transfer the revolutionary ideas to the rest of the class who are
not purely intellectuals and viewed as such. I have seen this problem happen
countless times.

When Gramsi talks about the development of the organic worker. The person
developed by the ruling class who can perform both manual and physical
labor. This is a potentially important working person to our movement. What
Lenin did with this "advanced workers" was train them and provided an
understanding of the fundamentals of Marxism. I believe the Trotskyist
movement has discovered this and use it well to keep the movement going.

If anything perhaps we need to learn from this processing and begin to
develop worker circles and a means of educating working people to promote
class consciousness and leadership. If you look at Cannon, Dobbs, Camejo,
even Barnes who are all in their own right organic intellectual workers who
certainly embraced Trotsky and Trotskyism and spent most of their political
lives carrying the banner of socialism and unfortunately in some
circumstances developing isolated petty-bourgois sects the illustration
becomes clear for us to understand.

Many of the most talented people on this list represent the best of this
process and unfortunately for many it has left us in a state of paralysis
rather active mass revolutionary practice.


Tom Siblo

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