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Domhnall O'Cobhthaigh donaloc at
Tue Apr 30 10:50:46 MDT 2002

> One final comment. In his reply to Carlos, Lou says the "theory" of the
Permanent Revolution... is a sterile proclamation that unless a revolution
is socialist, it can not succeed. This theory is usually advanced from afar.
Very afar."
> I wonder if Lou can point to a revolution that is not socialist and that
has "succeeded" in overthrowing imperialism.
Let's stick to the 20th Century:
Ireland 1921 (partial anyway)
India 1949
Iran 1979
Iraq 1958
Egypt 1954-6
Need I continue? According to the Trots most Socialist revolutions weren't
Socialist either so they should count too - that includes Cuba 1958/9.

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