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Tue Apr 30 11:24:15 MDT 2002

> I wonder if Lou can point to a revolution that is not socialist and that
>has "succeeded" in overthrowing imperialism.
>Let's stick to the 20th Century:
>Ireland 1921 (partial anyway)
>India 1949
>Iran 1979
>Iraq 1958
>Egypt 1954-6
>Need I continue? According to the Trots most Socialist revolutions weren't
>Socialist either so they should count too - that includes Cuba 1958/9.

Basically, we are offered a tautology by our Trotskyist comrades with their
"theory" of Permanent Revolution. It states that unless a revolution is
socialist, it cannot succeed. This is tantamount to saying that unless the
sun comes up, it will remain dark outside. Or that unless a cancer patient
is treated successfully, he will die. It adds nothing to Marxism to offer
such simplistic advice.

Instead, what we need is strategic thinking about how to advance the
workers class interest when confronted by powerful non-Marxist
anti-imperialist curents such as the Kuomintang in the 1920s. If you read
the revolutionary literature from that period, you will discover few facile
instructions about what was to be done. Remember that the entire Comintern
was united in urging support for the KMT. The differences that Trotsky
raised was not about this, but about the need for the CP to maintain its
own press and organization.

Louis Proyect
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