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Ashcroft is getting ready to try something in DC that is going to be very
ugly from the sound of it - indict FARC "allies." No clarification on what
constitutes an indictable ally. From the sound of this piece on the wires,
the indictees are going to be in the US.  (Note by Fred Feldman --  What
became the April 20-22 antiwar protests were initiated, I believe, by groups
opposed to U.S. intervention in Colombia.  This may be, in part,  the
government's response to the success and distinctive character  (especially
the involvement of thousands of  Arab and other immigrants who are special
targets of  "homeland security") of the April 20 protest against the
imperialist war that the hired public relations men have labeled "the war
against terrorism."  This kind of attack, not a retreat at this very early
stage, is the response to be expected.)

 Ashcroft planned to announce the indictments later
Tuesday, officials told The Associated Press, speaking only on condition of
anonymity. Ashcroft has increasingly sought to use U.S. anti-terrorism
efforts against the world's largest drug traffickers as another way to stem
the flow of cash and weapons to terrorists.

Prosecutors were seeking charges of conspiracy to commit murder against the
supporters and members of the leftist rebel group that has kidnapped
hundreds and stepped up violence in Colombia since peace talks with the
government there broke down, officials said.

Ashcroft has said previously that members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces
of Colombia, or FARC, have killed 13 Americans since 1980 and kidnapped more
than a hundred others, including three U.S. missionaries in 1993 who are
believed to have been killed.

The indictments were being sought in Washington, the officials said.

FARC frequently has been implicated in cocaine drug running that affects the
United States, U.S. officials have said.

The rebel group is estimated to have 17,000 members and is one of three main
rebel groups involved in Colombia's long strife

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