IRSP Condemn EU Listing DHKP-C and PKK as "Terrorists"

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Irish Republican Socialist Party
30 April 2002

IRSP Condemn EU Listing DHKP-C and PKK as "Terrorists"

The Irish Republican Socialist Party's International Department
issued a statement today condemning the European Union intention to
add the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Devrimci Halk
Kurtuluþ Cephesi (DHKC-P) to its common list of "terrorist"
organisations next week. Germany and the Netherlands had previously
resisted Turkey's insistence that the organisations be listed as
terrorists, but have indicated that they are now prepared to give in
to the Ankara's demands.

The timing of this action was particularly misplaced, as the PKK
decided only earlier this month to cease armed activities and to
change its name to the "Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress".
During the period of its armed struggle for the national liberation
of Kurdistan, beginning in 1984, some 30,000 people have been killed
in the conflict.

Peadar Baile, a spokesperson for the IRSP's International Department,
said: "The IRSP over the course of the past year have been intimately
involved in support of the DHKC-P as their members have carried out a
heroic death fast which has claimed nearly 90 lives thus far. In
addition, the IRSP has long championed the national liberation
struggle waged by the Kurdish people, as well, and recognise the PKK
to be the legitimate representatives of the Kurdish people oppressed
by the Turkish state.

"The categorisation of these revolutionary organisations as
'terrorist' by the European Union is an affront to the
sensibilities of progressive peoples around the world. It is the
Turkish state who are the true terrorists in Turkey today. They have
launched untold number of attacks on working class Kurds, within
their historical homeland and in cross-border raids launched into
Kurdish areas of Iraq."

The IRSP expressed its "tremendous solidarity for, and with, the PKK
and DHKC-P" and called upon the Dublin government to "do their
utmost within the Euro-parliament to oppose this outrage."


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