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Irish Republican Socialist Party
27 April 2002

Solidarity Statement from the Irish Republican Socialist Movement to
the Revolutionary People's Liberation Front of Turkey


The Comrades and Volunteers of the Irish Republican Socialist Party,
Irish National Liberation Army, and Irish Republican Socialist
Committees of North America extend our profound solidarity to you,
the Devrimci Halk Kurtuluþ Cephesi, on the occasion of this
historic conference.  At this time, when the fascist Turkish state is
succeeding in efforts to have the DHKP-C banned in a number of
European nations, we extend our hands to you from Ireland in a warm

In reflecting on the solidarity between our two organisations, our two
nations, our two struggles, we recalled the intense interest that our
nations held for the originators of Marxism, or Scientific Socialism.
Despite their advanced years at the time, both Marx and Engels took it
upon themselves to learn to read the Turkish language late in their
lives, so as to be able to follow the news arising from there.
Likewise, Engels, both of whose wives were daughters of an Irish
Fenian leader, taught himself the Irish language and began work on a
history of Ireland as well.

For these pioneering socialists, Turkey was pivotal in clashes that
would ultimately leave three powerful empires shattered, as was the
case following the First World War. Marx and Engels repeatedly made
plain that they saw Ireland as the key to breaking the back of
England's landed aristocracy and Engels commented on the positive
contribution the use of armed struggle in Ireland might have on the
far more reformist working class in England.  Thus we stand, two
nations straddling the European continent on its West and East
flanks, enmeshed in the political and economic relationships
governing the most advanced of the capitalist economies, yet both
still suffering under the exploitation of Western Imperialism.

We both find ourselves in conflict with comprador regimes reactionary
and neo-colonialist to the core.  The Turkish regime serves as
handmaiden to US Imperialism in its region, guarding the criminal
Zionist state occupying Palestine, serving as a landing strip for US
military actions against Iraq and perhaps Libya, Syria, Afghanistan
and others; while the Dublin regime serves as the handmaiden to both
US Imperialism and British Imperialism, daily making a mockery of its
own claims to sovereignty.

We both have welded the struggle against imperialism, and in our case
for national liberation, to the fight to liberate the working people
of our two nations, through revolutionary transformation and the
forging of socialist republics.  We both are intensely focused upon
and engaged in ongoing campaigns within our respective nations, but
remain every mindful of our obligations as revolutionaries to join in
solidarity with other revolutionaries around the globe.

We have hosted representatives of the DHKC-P in Ireland and stood
side-by-side behind the grave of our INLA comrade, Kevin Lynch, who
died on hunger strike in 1981.  DHKC-P provided me with sanctuary and
did so for others who, with me, came to Turkey representing the IRSP
and we stood beside the beds of death fast martyrs, who were to die
within weeks of our meetings.  INLA prisoners refused to eat during a
week-long protest to demonstrate their solidarity with the death fast
fighters and martyrs.  Our comrade, Mickey og Devine visited as part
of a delegation from the IRSP to Turkey last year; Mickey's
father, INLA Volunteer Michael Devine, was the last INLA prisoner to
die during the course of the 1981 Irish hunger strike.

Over the course of some years now, our two organisations have forged
bonds of solidarity, which have proven themselves to be far more than
mere cosmetic connections and we are pledged to continue in the
process of building and deepening these bonds of solidarity between

These are perilous times, when much of the socialist movement
internationally appears rudderless and run aground.  In the present
day, around the globe, revolutionary movements the URNG of Guatemala,
the ANC of South Africa, the DFLP of Palestine, the FMLN of El
Salvador, as well as the Provisional IRA in Ireland have surrendered
their arms and declared their wars against the imperialists over.  In
these times, it is more important than ever that those of us who
remain committed to the revolutionary struggle of the working class
seek out one another, demonstrate solidarity for each other, and
recognise in each other natural allies and genuine comrades.

And so I say to you Comrades, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends the
comrades of the IRSP and volunteers of the INLA convey our sincere
solidarity and warmly embrace you.  For your struggle is our struggle
and our struggle must also be your own.  Before us lies a choice of
socialism or barbarism, we cannot fail; we must not falter.

Long Live the Solidarity Between the Irish and Anatolian peoples!

Long Live the Struggle Against Imperialism!

Terry Harkin
IRSP International Department


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