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> Iraq 1958

Kruschev (sp?) drowned the real revolution in Iraq in 1957, when he ordered the
Communists to surrender their hard fought victory. This was another attempt to
"appease" imperialism by K in the international arena; it only encouraged and
emboldened the US and the Brits.

Anyhow, to call the Iraqi coup that brought Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath Party
to power a "revolution against imperialism" is to reduce the concept something
fierce. Oil nationalising alone is not anti imperialist, or the Saudis count as
well. Saddam became an anti-imperialist in the last 12 years- and it wasn't of
his choosing.

India was neither a revolution, but it was a major step forward.

How was 1921 in Ireland sufficent to call their aborted revolution
"anti-imperialist"? This is not my strongest historical area.


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