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The below, snips on revolutions, historical manifestations of process....

snip> >My definition sees revolutions as distinct moments in much larger and
longer processes, which include other phenomenon including processes
of reform, non-revolutionary transformation, and also
counterrevolutions. Ed's definition can not distinguish reform
processes, non-revolutionary transformations, and counterrevolutions
from revolutions.

snip> The process of transforming precapitalist social relations and
precapitalist social and state structures into capitalist social
relations and capitalist social and state structures has been very
long. If you want to date its starting point it would be difficult,
but I would say the process began in the commercial cities of the
Mediterranean - especially Italy - in the late Middle Ages before the
Crusades. In Europe the process was basically complete by the end of
the First World War. (If you want to pinpoint when the process ended
globally, you would be making a mistake, it is still going on.) In
that long drawn out process, the old non-capitalist ruling classes
were not destroyed, they were transformed into sectors of capital -
often the leading sectors of capital.

JD:  Marx gave us scientific socialism. That is, we see essence beyond
Within the historical process of production and exchange the movement has
been C - C, C - M - C, M - C - M+.
The latter being capitalist production.  A society where capital takes over
production and exchange in order to make more money from the process.
(capital accumulation)  That is, the evolution of production and exchange to
capital, self-expanding value, self-expanding money.  The evolution of
abstract labour.
Capitalist production is the revolutionary process (force) par excellence.
(so far)
Capital is dead labour using living labour for its (capitals) self
expansion.   The process itself becoming the fetter to its own
The revolution that ends antagonistic society occurs when, in our society,
labour comes to awareness of its reality.
That is, capital itself creates the conditions that bring forth socialism.
As that process, driven by essence in decline, is already well underway
then, we see only more rapid and radical change, more barbarism, more and
bigger convulsions.   As must be the case within this revolutionary period,
the decline of an essence, that throws off all the muck of ages.

In a very real sense, minority rulers (of any epoch) and the vast
majority...have merely, to date, been along for the ride.   Appearance only
analysis (of history) can make good reading, but explains little.
The first and the last *real revolution* requires awareness of reality.



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