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>From Jim Drysdale,

JD:  Anthony, my apologies for missing the line of the ongoing discussion.
However, my point was (and is)
that revolutions are the result of the process of change.  That is, history
offers little except guidelines.
We live in a period of rapid and radical change and, yes, much analysis has
still to be done...solely in
the interests of the working class.  IMO, current revolutions, convulsions,
in the sphere of bourgeois economics, e.g. Enron, offer much in the way of
empirical data but little explanation of the decline of essence.

Anthony writes...

snip> Thanks for saving me all of the work of studying the appearances Jim.
>Now that we have all the answers, I guess we should go down to the
>plant gates and chant 'M-C-M+' so the workers can become aware of
>reality. Or did I miss something?

JD:  Well, as Marx did make his thought accessible to all then, why not?
Point....if the working class understood the nature of value, money, and
understood the nature of self-expanding value, self-expanding money,
capital, I'm certain that with *that reality* all histories would pale to
insignificance.   That is, in today's rapidly declining society, the
necessity of revolution to socialism would not be easily dismissed.  Now,
neither yourself Anthony nor, presumably, historians are responsible for the
mistakes and defeats caused by, for example, reformism.  But reformism is,
increasingly in the mind of the working class, already history,  and I do
feel that today's scientific socialists should focus on offering nothing
else but the thought of Marx, applied to today's process of change.   That
is, we should follow closely the method of Marx.   For example, Enron is
manifestation of value in decline.  i.e. manifestation of the progressive
malfunction of the law of value.  Progressive malfunction of the capitalist
mode of production and exchange...
M - C - M+.
Can't think of anywhere else that the evolving consciousness of the working
class could possibly be, at this moment in history.   At the factory gates
or everywhere else for that matter.   Argentina, also springs to mind.



PS:  BTW Anthony, attempting to understand essence was not and is not easy.
Certainly, much reading and re-reading of Marx, including some of the
writing that you refer to.  All interesting stuff.

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