The Heroic Days of British Trotskyism

Jim Drysdale jimd48 at
Mon Apr 15 22:36:43 MDT 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,

sherrynstan wrote...

snip> This is the difference between the real Bolsheviks, who were concerned
with how to organize effective
meetings, develop tactics, and evade the cops... and their grouplets of
self-proclaimed heirs.


snip> The reason many of the people I know who do effective
>organizing are reluctant to work with "marxists" is not some fundamental
>disagreement with marxism (which they admit they are unfamiliar with), but
>with their experience that many self-proclaimed "marxists" spout off about
>things they know nothing about in the practical world of organizers, and
>often can't find their asses with a radar.

JD:  The real Bolsheviks as you cry them, lived and worked in revolutionary
times, planning and participating in revolution.  Their heirs, as you call
self-proclaimed Marxists *and* effective organisers are apart merely through
the suspension of revolution.  That is, the evolving moment will sort out
the division of revolutionary labour, as *artificial* barriers are removed.



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