The Heroic Days of British Trotskyism

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Hi sherry & stan.  You write...

snip> That's why I think
>Louis' notion of a broad, non-sectarian network of marxists/organizers as
>the nucleus of a future revolutionary mass party has a lot of merit.

JD:  Ideally, the revolutionary would wish for the ideal blend at any given
moment.  However, as I'm sure
Louis agrees, future organisation arises, through process, from current.
One phenomena among many that I find interesting as this moment evolves is
that the working class (if you like, in the so-called west) are increasingly
ditching engagement with all forms of bourgeois elections.  That is,
reformism is dead *in the mind* of our class.   And, this, with little or no
input from the thought of Marx.
So, as I, and others oft repeat, past left practice will act only as
Sometimes I dwell on the cognitive process of a class (a pole) aware that it
(the capitalist class) is in deepening crisis as its opposite is, as yet, by
and large passive in the activity of opposition.  That is, parameters have
been reached and breached, decline now ensuring that our rulers are damned
if they do and damned if they don't.  However, although the working class
(the opposite pole) are, as yet, mainly passive in the practice of
opposition, much education is being delivered to the cognitive process of
this pole as the bourgeoisie reveal their confusion, reveal their fear, both
in thought and in action.   That is, the working class cannot and will not
be led by anyone spouting what are obvious irrationalities.  This must be
the case as long as declining market society holds sway, i.e. rational
thought must evolve.
Will the so-called advanced capitalist so-called west, have to await an
Argentinian type collapse before the evolving cognitive process brings
millions to the street?   The answer, probably yes.  Not because millions
are not already sickened by what they see, hear and feel, but precisely
because of the mystical hold that the money form of value has on all.   I
await the closure of large banks in the so-called advanced west.  (already
well under way)
Point.....the left, as we know it, tied by its history will have to evolve
in order to be heard by the working class.
I hold that, in earlier moments that revolution could have spread.  That
defeats, ably asisted by reformism have brought our species to this evolving
moment ensures that history will not (never does) repeat itself.   Which
says, that within this evolving moment, organisational forms will be higher
than anything that has come before.
The choice between barbarism or socialism does not arise as a choice as
revolution grips.   Barbarism increases every day that capital, esp. in its
decline, holds sway.   Although our class cannot suck scientific socialism
from its collective thumb, I have faith in their humanity.  They will act in
their own self-interest.
To attempt to quote Hegel.... ' Human nature only reveals itself within an
achieved community of minds'.
We are IMO in, for example, the west, within a kind of Doldrum moment.  And,
as stagnation of investment can only increase then, the sea of revolutionary
thought and practice can only become stormier.



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