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Jim Drysdale jimd48 at
Wed Apr 17 09:38:07 MDT 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,

Taking as read the behaviour required to participate on this list, I make
the following points:

We live in capitalist society.
Socialists wish to see the end of capital and capitalist relations.
The left is coalescing after decades of fragmentation.
Thought, therefore, will be diverse and often contradictory.  (as has always
been the case among socialists)
The process of decline has moved on.
Dotting historical i's and crossing historical t's is the lot for a class
who are still enslaved.
Our rulers, as the active pole, may squabble but squabble *in earnest* only
over capital accumulation.
Our class, by and large, can only, as yet, guess at the reality of capital
Point...give the existence of our class meaning......i.e. relentless
delivery of education to our class vis a vis the reality of their relation
to capital.  As relentless as capital's pursuit and destruction of our
Many among us may fail in this activity precisely because many, as yet, are
not confident in their theory.
This fails our class.
One result......squabbles among socialists over this or that appearence of
capital relations.
i.e. waste, often wrapped in subjective angst.   That is, neither
self-indulgence nor self-pity will free our class.



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