Communism and Surrealism

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Sun Apr 21 23:46:34 MDT 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,

snip> 'Poetry must be made by all', necessarily abolishes
>poetry in its alienated forms at the very moment that it introduces
>the thoroughgoing poetic transformation of everyday life. When
>classes are abolished there will be no proletariat; when everyone is
>a poet there will be no more 'poets'.

JD:   We are all *already* poets.  That is, the natural expression of our
species...sound and rhythm to convey  precise meaning, emotion.  (at the
very least, survival)

e.g.  ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh  (getting quieter)  baby telling adults that this
human is a contented human.  Notice the naturally excellent use of literary
technique(s).   We all know the difference when baby wants attention.

Reading and writing therefore, unnatural and thus skill based disciplines.

Rational society.....rational thought....rational relations.....i.e.  human
nature reveals itself in an achieved community of minds.


/ Most people go to work,
their hours are nine to five.
why they go and what they do,
it's their means to stay alive.

The owners of the world
attend this self-same place.
why they go and what they do,
an entirely different race.

Not for these a weekly wage,
this they'd merely scoff at.
Their only reason to be there,
to give birth to a profit.

Strange thought, two worlds existing in one place,
but what you see is what you get,
this is the human race.

So there it is, a swirling sphere
and none of us get of it.
and day by day and year by year,
the only purpose......profit. /




' now '

Grafting, shafting or spending,
the end.


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