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Mon Apr 22 10:03:02 MDT 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,


>>The Rapper's Red Glare

Boots Riley, "Ride the Fence"

JD:  In the history of antagonistic society there has been no shortage of
dissent from among the majority.
This, of course, of no surprise as glaring inequality is difficult to miss. our be anti-capitalist is to understand
capital.  How many of *us* do?
IMO, 'Ride the Fence' offers our class nothing that they don't already know.
Being such, it will not galvanise the majority to the steets.
Our class, as always, but as never before require understanding beyond
appearance, wish-lists or moral argument.
I watch, for example, plonker Bono in South Africa hoping that at long last
the penny drops among numpty celebs that they have been and still are being
taken for a ride.
Of course, some cultural figures have, in their time, made a difference.
However, continual stating *of the obvious* will not advance awareness of
Let's leave the fence of, for example, reformism, and educate our class.



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