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Subject: [SocialistAlliance] Coup D'etat Attempted in PCS - Mark Serwotka

>Report from a PCS member
>Dated: 24/5/2002
>An amazing and unlawful coup d'etat has taken place in PCS,
>overthrowing the elected President and incoming General Secretary of
>the Union. A determined response will have to be organised, with
>legal action and a campaign involving the PCS membership. We are only
>able to let you have an outline of the facts at the moment.
>The recent PCS Conference voted by a huge majority to confirm the
>agreement whereby the outgoing General Secretary Barry Reamsbottom
>left PCS employment on 31st May 2002. Reamsbottom has never been
>elected by the PCS membership. The incoming General Secretary, Mark
>Serwotka, got over 42,000 votes in the election. Reamsbottom did not
>think he could get 50 nominations from 1,200 branches to get on the
>ballot paper. He made a legal agreement to leave on 31st May 2002
>before the close of nominations.
>However following the NEC elections, where the "National Moderate
>Group" ("Moderates") and Inland Revenue Membership First (IRMF) got a
>majority on the National Executive, Reamsbottom called an NEC for
>23rd May. It seems that the Moderates were told a week in advance,
>and IRMF three days in advance. NEC members who are not in those two
>political factions (who are mainly members of the Left Unity group)
>got their notices the day before the meeting or the day of the
>At the meeting a number of papers were presented. Again, some people
>had obviously had them for a while. Others were seeing them for the
>first time. The President, Janice Godrich, had taken legal advice and
>ruled that the meeting was unconstitutional and unlawful. There was
>no challenge to this, but instead Revenue Vice President Ted Euers
>declared that he was assuming Presidential powers and claimed to
>chair the meeting. Despite protests that this was also
>unconstitutional and unlawful, he purported to hold the meeting in
>the midst of uproar, and forced through a series of "decisions".
>These included:
>That Barry Reamsbottom remain as General Secretary until his
>retirement age.
>That the agreement between PCS and Barry Reamsbottom that he should
>finish his term of office on 31/05/02 be ignored.
>That the election for General Secretary elect be ignored.
>This would be a coup - the elected President and General Secretary
>overthrown by a Vice President and an unelected full time official.
>The Union would be breaching Mark Serwotka's contract of employment.
>We would never tolerate this from our employer and we won't put up
>with it from the right wing political factions in our Union.
>Clearly a massive campaign will have to be organised to return the
>Union to the control of its elected officers.
>All Trades Unionists should send letters, Faxes and e-mails of
>protest to Barry Reamsbottom: barry at pcs.org.uk - Fax 0207 924 1847 or
>to PCS, 160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LN
>And messages of support to Mark Serwotka: mark at pcs.org.uk and Janice
>Goodrich: janice at pcs.org.uk
>Additionally if PCS Members know any NEC Members, they are being
>encouraged to contact them to find out how they voted and their
>position on this issue. PCS Members will expect NEC Members to
>respect the elections of the President and General Secretary.
>In Solidarity.


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