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asking questions of the following snip...

snip> Fidelity to Marx's motivation means that we have to look at historical
material reality and see that there are other liberations from oppression
which are necessary in order to have none but human relations between human
beings; and that the workers of the world did not unite but contented
themselves with riding the coat tails of imperialism, leaving us with the
complexities of the struggles for emancipation from class, national, gender
and other oppressions.

JD:   I hold that revolution could have spread.
The working class are educated as capitalist society evolves.  Defeat, part
of that process.
That is, the class, bereft of education, bereft of leaders whose interests
lie solely in bringing socialism to birth, have suffered defeats.  So, I'm
not certain that * the workers of the world did not unite but contented
themselves with riding the coat tails of imperialism,.....*
Human relations in capitalist society are mediated by a relation between
things.  Born into and entering into these relations (at a given, yet
evolving stage ) makes it difficult for the individual to see through the
veils of society.   Yet, reformism is dead.  Consciousness is evolving.
Opposition arises, and, in a higher form.
In short, parameters have been reached and breached.   Point, the increasing
antagonism of the contradiction
at the heart of capital boils away nicely, thank you.   In the process of
decline, the *complexities* mentioned above are seen to be irrational
functions of the essence of capitalist relations, themselves undermined as
consciousness evolves within deepening decline.  Omelettes and eggs, but the
feast of rational thought is being prepared.
Indeed, history, IMO, has already shown that there has been no new thought
since Marx.   Everything in between due only to suspension of revolution,
suspension of the evolution of rational thought.
*Complexities* will not have to be attended to in a separate agenda from



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