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Tue Apr 23 08:52:36 MDT 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,

The following from The Times Sat. 25th May 2002....

' 37 die in factory'

At least 37 people were killed and 13 injured in a fire at an Indian shoe
About 60 other people were feared trapped on upper floors by blocked exits.
The speed of the blaze was attributed to the use of highly flammable

end of article.

JD:  The *harsher* signs of capital are still alive and well.  Point.....we
in the so-called civilised west
can be drowsed by *bourgeois noise* and may be led, for example, to believe
that our rulers would actually obliterate themselves in nuclear war, when in
fact their activities are the usual blend of delude and delay and
the delivery of fear in times of crisis for capital.
Let's keep a wary eye on our bastard rulers, but, surely, the time has now
arrived when we set our own agenda.....the education of *our* class.   After
all, we have waited a long time to see that our rulers *cannot* rule as



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