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NEC shuts computer plant
The global laptop market has declined

Electronics firm NEC has confirmed that it plans to close its personal
computer plant in Scotland with the loss of about 450 jobs.
The company has blamed the closure on a slump in the PC market and said
production in Scotland and Malaysia would be switched to China.

The closure of the pc plant at Kirkton is a further blow for West Lothian.

Scotland's Enterprise Minister Iain Gray said the Scottish Executive
"regretted" the decision and that everything would be done to help the
workers find new jobs.

NEC shed more than 1,500 jobs in Scotland last year with the closure of its
semiconductor plant in Livingston.

The company said it planned to sell its Scottish and Malaysian plants as
part of a restructuring programme.

A spokesman said: "We are negotiating to sell the facilities, including a
transfer of the employees, but nothing concrete has been decided."

The company has been affected both by a downturn in the market and
competition and said it could reduce costs by switching work to China.

West Lothian has lost thousands of technology jobs in the past year, which
saw the closure of Motorola's mobile telephone factory where 3,000 people
were employed.

Livingston Labour MSP Bristow Muldoon told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning
Scotland programme that the announcement was a real economic blow.

'Financial press'

He said: "My first reaction is that if this news is confirmed then there is
obviously deep concern for the workers at the factory.

"Given that it has effectively come out from rumours in the Japanese
financial press then it does concern me that staff at the plant may not have
been advised by NEC of this news."

Many of those workers who have lost their jobs at NEC and Motorola over the
past year have managed to secure employment elsewhere, said Mr Muldoon.

"I am sure that the West Lothian economy will bounce back," he said.

"The vast majority of job losses have been associated with the downturn in
the electronics market and it has not really been a local factor and
problems with the West Lothian economy."

end of article.

JD: Jobs continuing to go is no surprise.  Nor is the predictable garbage
that flows from the mouth of *authority*.
Point.......would our class in, for example, the UK,  take their
*redundancy* with such meekness if they actually understood the nature of
When the penny drops, and our class turns to us......what will our excuse be
for not having told them?  i.e. what will be the content of our *slick

THE IRON LAW  (of profit)

‘The industry’s suffering’ the spokesman said,
As the axe falls on the worker’s head.
‘Consolidation’s the name of the game
Trading’s hard and no-ones to blame.’
But the axe falls on the worker, all the same.

As the workers take their final pay The Development Agency must have its
say -
‘The strong pound hurts but we’ll bounce back,
Our strategy’s sound we’ll soon be on track’-
But the worker carries an empty sack,
Home to a family down a lonely track.

The union executive’s a bit below par-
As he drives away in his comfy-car,
‘The boss is not bad he tries to be kind’,
The worker’s children are on water and rind,
The union executive is acting blind.

The local MP is fighting fit-
‘My constituents don’t deserve this hit,
Questions will be asked’ and

answers won’t come,
But 72K is a princely sum for weasle-words among cosy chums.

The Task Force sails-in blowing wind-
‘We’ll search near and far for a buyer’.
Boarding planes to faraway lands
Their expenses get higher and higher.
The worker looks in, to a dying fire.

These crocodile tears collectively shed
Prepare the axe for the worker’s head,
As the waxing mouths creep on their way
The IRON LAW can have its day
And all but the worker have had their say.

But the company’s saved, on unprofitable pay.


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