Class Exercise

Jim Drysdale jimd48 at
Fri Apr 26 21:17:41 MDT 2002

To any politician and or to any spokesperson (of any form) on the

What actually is money?   No no no...not....what does money do....every
person from
circa aged 10 upwards can write screeds...veritable screeds about...*what
money does*.
The question is.....what actually is money?
And, money must actually be something......or, nice people like, for
example, G Bush or Tblair
could pop into a wee room and run-off trillions......then.....maybe the
problems of the world would be cured and, of course, we would beam and smile
at messrs Bush Blair and their ilk.....and vote for them in droves.



PS:   and, of course, the answer is indeed *the exercise of a class*.

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