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Fri Apr 26 23:57:48 MDT 2002

Hunter, I offer the following as thought only and not as criticism.  That
is, the history of the oppressed must and should be recorded.   (oppressed
being people and land)
I understand that I offer comment on a massive subject.

We were all at one time.....native somewhere and in groups.
I guess, but continental american geography may have sustained the
autonomous longevity of groups over longer periods, maybe?
I don't feel that, for example, europeans and or other non-native americans
(or other groups like native americans) are more inclined, by nature, to
warfare and conquest.  Nor, I'm certain do you.

I comment on the following snip....

snip> It's not an easy thing to do at all.  My father, a full-blooded
Indian, who
never had a
day of high school, did have, as time went on, three ascending university
degrees -- and was an excellent artist and a wonderful professor.  Among his
students were a great many young Native people from the Southwestern tribes
from others as well ]. And many of these went on to play major trail-blazing
roles in
education and related approaches within their respective tribal nations.

My father occasionally remarked that there was frequently one question that
his Indian students asked -- and it was  always the toughest single
question of all.

"How can I," the student would ask, "learn and take on Anglo ways -- and
still be a Navajo [or any one of a number of other specific tribal nations]?
How can I
work that out?"

JD: firstly, I'm certain that neither you, your father or any other are in
the least surprised that
degrees can be attained.
My main observation is that......it all looks and sounds and feels like
variations on the theme of nationalism.
In that respect, in my opinion, like all nationalism it is backward looking
and will and does act as
a fetter to the unity of the working class, as a brake on the path to the
formation of the universal class.
None of this, I repeat, to detract from the socialist outlook (and work) of
anyone.  And, of course, correct me if my observations are way-off beam.



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