Nationalism and Tribal Struggle

Jim Drysdale jimd48 at
Sat Apr 27 04:36:05 MDT 2002

Dear DOC, IMO, your post is an exemplar of *assault*.

I'll step through it and comment, apologising to LP for not deleting it.

>Your propensity to assault any 'impure' form of struggle as a distraction
>from proletarian unity in the face of 'the final crisis of capitalism'
>dismays me yet again. Your analysis seems to lack any form of an
>appreciation of the modus-operandi of late age capitalism and its
>form: imperialism

JD:  The working class have, to date but mainly in recent times, been
miserably served by the left.
The *pure* form of struggle, (as you cry it) against early capital or its
imperialist form comes through awareness of the reality of capital
relations.  This *late age capitalism* (as you cry it) did not have to be
with humanity.
So, let's not repeat past mistakes by assuming the omnipotence of capital or
of our rulers...this, solely in the interests of the working class.  Whom,
we on this list should be speaking for.

>At this moment in time, England is experiencing one of the most extreme
>manifestations of patriotism and loyalty I have ever witnessed - it is
>shocking that this could still happen.

JD:  methinks you betray your own false consciousness and slave mentality
with these words.
You do, it appears, seem unable to see through a ruling class construct,
constructed and ably assisted
BTW, by your *late age capitalism* technology.

Elisabeth Windsor is celebrating the
>fiftieth anniversary of her ascension to the throne of the disUnited
>Kingdom. Where do I hear the complaints about the latent and underlying
>nationalism there? What about the imperialist undertones? Perhaps this
>be used as an opportunity for increasing jingoism ahead of a war on Iraq.
>for no other reason, England doing poorly in the World Cup might act as a
>break to this gung-ho nationalist-imperialist outpouring.

JD:  I'm a communist.  Thus, by definition, accept nothing of capitalist
relations, unquestioningly.
You, on the other hand, allow of *late age capitalism* (whatever that is)
yet can view ruling class activities as having a positive outcome for our
rulers.   Contradictory?

>Instead, you choose to launch into a diatribe against a people who dare to
>raise their heads in struggle and self-pride after having suffered 400
>of slaughter, starvation and biological warfare. It would be more becoming
>for you to stick fighting the home-grown bourgeois. Perhaps we could learn
>something concrete. What's the left currently doing in Scotland - what are
>it's various tactics - these would be interesting issues for discussion.

JD:  It would be impossible for myself, if you *carefully* read my post to
Hunter (before launching this immature asault) not to detest all oppresion
of my class.
As to what the left is doing in Scotland...well, as you do know.....the SSP
leadership is left reformist nationalist.
A sorry leadership to be offered to the class at this evolving moment of
decline.  But, it seems DOC, that like yourself the current SSP leadership
has learned nothing so forgets nothing.  That is, they too are *loud on
assault* and low on substance.



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