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Sat Apr 27 05:19:17 MDT 2002

JD: Comment.....

when I was a child, I *thought* as a child.  When I came to awareness of the
reality of capitalist relations, I put away childish, romantic, wish-list,
common sense notions *of change*.

Seems to myself, and the writer is not alone past or present......that a
grounding in substantial thought is

Meantime, pass the substances, have the lofty thoughts, experience the subsitute for substantial rational thought.
Pathetic, in its false consciousness and slave mentality.
i.e.  within alienation, (e.g. capitalist relations) the individual fails to
be human, rebirths and fails again and again.



PS: the following offered from one of those oldies who holds to the thought
of Marx.  (who was ably assisted by Hegel and, for example, Aristotle)

' the dance of things'

They dance the life of things,
all un-partnered in the midst.
no loss, no gain between their lips.
no one looks out.

Echoes of all pasts pass,
progress measured in domains and burials of lost chance.
snatching at half-hidden truths with no objection,
they fall short of all my days.

If they were dead, would they speak thus?
if they were alive would they waste this?

they touch me and I respond,
but not for anything.
they revise my past and I bite.
we walk from the hurt and meet at the loss.
without a grasp of us.


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