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Tue Apr 30 06:23:48 MDT 2002

M - C - M+ arises alongside and within C - M - C.
opposite forms of motion.

and, capital does not fully become capital until it takes over production
and exchange of commodities for monetary gain.
That, of course, required a bloody transition.
And, of course, (in the absence of revolution) leads to the world market.

nothing, at all, mysterious.  that is, the origins of capital are fairly
simple, actually.  just value actualising its potential.

Of course, for some with little grounding in Marx and for some of that some
existing as self-seekers then,
convulated and speculative theory is the norm.

The good news is that rapid and radical decline puts a peep on all of that
non-sense.'s not just the bourgeoisie that are full of wind and water.



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