Re.: U.S.: "Can I shoot myself in the head and live, too?"

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Aug 1 03:29:58 MDT 2002

N.B. that article came from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
Interesting that they, of all organs, pose such provocative questions
the prospective new agency for propaganda.
The new proposal is quite similar to what Rumsfeld wanted to do a couple
of months ago but Rumsfeld bumbled. Do you recall that he wanted to feed
phony stories to foreign media to shape perception of US actions in the
world?  A little too blatant, I guess, but that's Rumsie.  They had to
yank his chain.
It's the same sheissen dished out, just more charming service.
Packaging is so important, but delivery must be effective, too.
There's going to have to be a whole new study apparatus to keep check on
this development.

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