UN report on Jenin "massacre"

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Fri Aug 2 02:55:26 MDT 2002

No massacre in Jenin, reports UN.
ZDF refused to grant UN access to Jenin.
Nevertheless,  UN managed to determine
there was no massacre, REPEAT: NO MASSACRE.

Only a mere, measley, insignificant 50 or so
Jenin dwellers were killed, and just half of those were civilians.
The rest shouldn't have been there.
So innocent people got in the way.  Accidental.
It happens.

Later, after a US missile, delivered by a US jet
piloted by an Israeli serviceman, exploded into
a residential area killing women and children
in the process of elimination of a Hamas leader,
President Bush said that was "heavy handed."

Meanwhile, to more pressing matters, three US citizens
were slain in a bombing at Hebrew University.
President Bush was said to be "outraged."
The ZDF is "moving on Nablus" in retaliation.

The War Against Terror (WAT)
to be continued...

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