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Ed George wrote:

>Lou: could you tell me a little more about the late Jim Blaut -- or
>point me in the right direction on the web?  I've picked his name up
>from your writings on Brenner and today's piece was v. interesting, but
>I know nothing about him.
>Gracias, y, como siempre, un saludo,
Ed, it occurred to me that newcomers to Marxmail might not know exactly who Jim Blaut was, so I am going to reply publicly.

I just put four of his papers on my Columbia website at:


Jim died last November after a short bout with pancreatic cancer. He was a Marxmail subscriber and a denizen of other leftwing email lists where he focused on questions revolving around Eurocentrism. We developed a strong affinity and exchanged email frequently. In the memorial meeting for him at the American Geographers Association, David Harvey described him as the preeminent geographer of our time and the person who recruited him to Marxism.

Here are some other items that might be of interest:

Blaut's resume: http://csf.colorado.edu/wsystems/archive/bios/blaut.htm

Chicago Tribune obituary: http://www.mail-archive.com/marxism@lists.panix.com/msg14880.html

My review of "8 Eurocentric Historians": http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/economics/blaut.htm


Louis Proyect

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