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 > Replace "feminism"/"feminist" with "socialism"/"marxist" and you will
 > that your paragraph is just as true and just as irrelevant as an

I didn't make that comment as an attack but as an explanation as to why it
is so difficult to pin down feminism.
 > There are not, come on now. They are not "feminists" any more than Hitler
 > was a national "socialist".
 > Let's be real here, please.
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 'Tis true. There are Roman Catholics here in Chicago who are very outspoken
 about their views about abortion (they're very, very against it); yet, they
 also proudly call themselves feminists. Do you want the name of their
parish? Incidentally, I did mention in my earlier post that that position
was an extreme one. I didn't claim it to be typical. I was just pointing out
the range of beliefs that are called feminist nowadays.


 Cherie Pleau

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