Greed is Great

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Aug 4 17:03:42 MDT 2002

After a couple of  decades exalting greed as the motor for the market,
the managers of capitalism —under the shadow of the recent scandals—
rebuke greed as the reason for wrongdoing.

But like someone mentioned on our list, how could any adult have the
naiveté to go along with such claptrap?
Define capitalism, then look up your dictionary definition of greed.

Even today in the NYTimes Business Section a writer extols the benefits
of greed (Section 3, p.4).  The writer fails to recognize the difference
between greed and need in the demand side of the famous relationship
with supply, but what could you expect, considering the source?  Social
Darwinism of the Robber Baron variety lives on.  The predator has dirty,
bloody spots that just will never wash out.  If you want to get rid of
those dirty, bloody spots you must get rid of their carrier.

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