William Faulkner as anti-globalization prophet

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Mon Aug 5 00:59:53 MDT 2002

Nancy wrote:
"This article illustrates very well one of the points i've been trying
make on this list -- that just because one is born into a certain class
(or even a certain gender or race for that matter), one's values and
priorities are not pre-programmed to fit the circumstances of birth."

A baby born to a working class mother can be brought up in a
wealthy bourgeois home and be socialized in conditions of hir
environment.  Socialization conditions developments relative
to class, race, sex, gender, and so on.

One education study indicates working class children react
differently from higher class children to poetry.  Several studies
show working class children approach "schooling" differently
than middle class children, and behave differently in the
classroom.  It makes sense when you consider these studies.
Working class pupils do not abstract poetry a much, and relate
it more to their own personal narratives.  Children tend to
adopt manners from their families who regard
certain behaviours to be most advantageous in their social
circumstances; working class parents have different
approaches than middle class or professional parents.
(Although I have written elsewhere about what I consider
to be errors in class definitions in this book, I do recommend
its observations of class in students as an excellent
starting point; see pages 328-339 [short enough!] of
"Human Diversity in Education: An integretive Approach"
3rd edn., by Kenneth Cushner
(Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2000)).

There are major contradictions in bourgeois religion and
ideology that create that class's own traitors. I am one.
I am also a race traitor.
And a renegade against bourgeois gender stereotypes.
In general, however, (as the terms indicate) I am not
the general case.  But the point you raise about the
individual is well-taken.  That is why I am still so enamored
by the last lines of Part II of the Communist Manifesto.

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