bourgeois feminism?

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Aug 6 20:45:32 MDT 2002

Right-wing reactionaries such as the Christian manly-man John Ashcroft,
etc., express a defense of women similar to the noblesse oblige of
feudal knights, that is of weak ladies in their traditional roles.  I
shouldn’t think we would be confused by this male chauvinist,
patriarchal protection racket.

On the multicultural imperialism end, you raise an interesting point.
How do we approach clitorectomies in the Sahel?  I was told by an
intellectual woman from Kenya that female genital mutilation was a
traditional cultural rite of passage for young women in the north, and
that they were accustomed to it, and looked forward to it and anxiously
prepared for it as the completed process formalized their womanhood.
She also remarked that they preferred to not be bothered by sexual
appetites complicating their lives, and most particularly that
Westerners had no right to foist their values on a legitimate way of
life of the peoples who practice such amputations.  This Kenyan woman
taught a course on multiculturalism in education in an American

What about the so-called “unscheduled castes” of India ?  Or sutee ?  Or
so-called “bride burning” ?

What about sensible shoes ?  The amount of money per year spent on
cosmetics in the United States ?  Are American women going to forsake
advantages in power and achievement in the reproductive struggle?  Where
do these things fit in women’s liberation and marxism?

Basically, I might suggest that marxists and feminists keep their eyes
on the prize, but their feet on the ground.  We should recognize that
different regions of our world of humanity will have different ways and
mannerisms that they must address, as should we.  Like, for example, why
are the Ashcroftoids so concerned about women in the Middle East?
Millions of women in the USA languish in stupid situations that should
be alleviated by concerned people in their own country.  That is totally
aside from the point that women the world over would benefit from an
equitable distribution of the world's wealth, and with increased 
resources could free themselves from physical abuse.  That is 
But yay and eerily, the Ashcroftoids do the will of G*d—so they say.

Let’s get real.

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