Working class in class

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Wed Aug 7 15:50:27 MDT 2002

To add to your files, & back up what José and others were saying ("low
wealth"/"high poverty"/"high minority" communities are not capitalist
class, nor middle class... what class would they be?) :

Research shows overwhelmingly that students in low-wealth communities
are more likely to be taught by teachers with deficient qualifications.
According to Kati Haycock, director of the Education Trust, "While the
teaching force in high-poverty and high-minority communities certainly
includes some of the most dedicated and talented teachers in the
country, the truth is that these teachers are vastly outnumbered by
under- and, indeed, unqualified candidates. . . . Minority and poor
youngsters—the very youngsters who are most dependent on their teachers
for content knowledge—are systematically taught by teachers with the
least content knowledge. Teachers who lack even a minor in the field
they are teaching are more than three times more prevalent in low-wealth
schools than in those with high wealth" (Haycock, 1998, p. 7).

Haycock, K. (1998). Good teaching matters. . . A lot.  Thinking K–16,
3(2), 3–14.
Retrieved March 6, 2002, from

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