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> By the way -- it hasn't escaped me that neither you nor anyone else has
> responded to the really crucial part of my post, having to do with the
> relations of class and family, and the question of how the marxist
> movement could support the anti-war movement of the 60s (definitely a
> cross-class movement) but not the feminist movements of the 60s and 70s.
and other documents on or linked to this site.

An excerpt from the preface to this document:

Feminism and Socialism is a resolution adopted by the 14th National
Conference of the Democratic Socialist Party held in January 1992. It is the
latest of a series of resolutions adopted by the DSP, since its founding in
1972, analysing the nature of women's oppression, and the vital importance
of the struggle against this oppression as part of the ongoing fight to
achieve a socially just, democratic, and ecologically sustainable future for
us all.

The DSP and its associated youth organisation, Resistance, came into
existence out of the same struggles that led to the rise of the women's
liberation movement in the early 1970s. A firm commitment to women's
liberation has been integral to the building of the party over the last 20

The DSP and Resistance have played their part in the struggles and campaigns
of the movement-from the first Sydney women's liberation conference in
January 1971 and the first big International Women's Day march in Melbourne
1972 to the IWD marches and the campaigns of today.

We have been involved in most of the major campaigns for women's rights over
the past two decades-in the fight for women's control over their
reproduction and fertility organised by the Women's Abortion Action
Campaign; in struggles to get the trade union movement to take up working
women's demands through the Working Women's Charter Campaign; and in
struggles to break down sex segregation and discrimination in industry-for
example, in the Jobs for Women Campaign which forced BHP to employ women in
its Port Kembla and Newcastle steelworks and to pay compensation to the for
its discriminatory hiring practices. This campaign established the first
class action case in Australia.

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