Gender, Class, and the DSP

nancybrumback at nancybrumback at
Thu Aug 8 21:53:39 MDT 2002

I thought the list might like to read the DSP statement on gender and
class. I definitely approve! Thank you for providing this info, and i
definitely be checking out the DSP.

Women are both a significant component of the working class, and a potentially powerful ally of the working class in the struggle to overthrow capitalism. Without a socialist revolution, women cannot establish the preconditions for their liberation. Without the mobilisation of masses of women in struggle for their own liberation, the working class cannot accomplish its historic tasks. The destruction of the bourgeois state, the eradication of capitalist property, the transformation of the economic bases and priorities of society, the consolidation of a new state power based on the democratic organisation of the working class and its allies, and the continuing struggle to eliminate all forms of oppressive social relations inherited from class society-all this can ultimately be accomplished only with the conscious participation and leadership of an independent women's liberation movement.

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