Gender and Class

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> how the marxist
> movement could support the anti-war movement of the 60s (definitely a
> cross-class movement) but not the feminist movements of the 60s and 70s.

A somewhat bewildering statement. This Marxist marched in that early women's
liberation demo you can see in "Berkeley in the Sixties". Why do you say we
didn't support the movement?

Response (Jim C)Precisely: Some of us not Gay still march in "Gay Pride"
parades/distribute literature/work with Gay activists to protest homophobia
and terrorism against Gays; some of us men march/work against oppression of
women and work with women activists on that front; some of us not immigrants
work against oppression of immigrants; some of us Indians work with
industrial workers not Indians because their fight is our fight. It is all
part of an indivisible totality of oppression by and for capitalism and its
expanded reproduction--and of those who run it.

But I have to be really blunt here: I have seen very few self-described
"feminists" (of the variety that are into women/feminist only groups) that
have supported tangibly Indian struggles; I have seen few Gay activists
among those who are members of Gay only groups, that have tangibly supported
Indian struggles against genocide and for self-determination; I have seen
very few "ethnic" activists who belong to a group with only particular
ethnic group members in it that have linked-up with and supported Indian
struggles. This may be my limited experiences or biased sampling but this
has been my experience.

So Nancy, what have you done tangibly (in writing, demonstrations or
whatever) to support the just struggles of Indigenous Peoples against
colonialism, imperialism, racism and genocide and for independence,
self-determination and sovereignty of nations? Or, to take it to the gender
level, what concrete struggles of Indigenous women have you participated in
or even written about? How many reserves/reservations have you been on?
Which women Indigenous activists do you know and how many have you tangibly

Notice I am asking not assuming what you may or may not have done in a
particular area. You may want to try the same as I am sure that on this list
you have both women and men activists who have perhaps paid a whole lot more
dues and know a whole lot more about Marxism than you.

Jim Craven

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