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Thu Aug 8 22:29:15 MDT 2002

Also, as you can see from many of the posts on the list which are
directed to me, the list has many members with quite a lot of hostility
toward feminism altogether.



Response (Jim C): No just some hostility to those making assumptions about
activists they do not know and pretending to know stuff they obviously know
little about or hostility to someone who sees anyone who disagrees with a
particular self-described "feminist" or whatever as therefore
"anti-feminism" (what a leap that is, implying anyone who disagrees with
Nancy must be anti-feminism which tacitly assumes that her position is the
only one consistent with real feminism). Maybe, just maybe, Nancy, there are
some on this list, including some women, who disagree with you because they
support real and genuine feminism (as they understand it) and see you, and
your positions, such as they are, as damaging to real and genuine
feminism--not the real thing at all.

Jim Craven

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