NOW and Marxism

Tony Tracy tony at
Fri Aug 9 15:00:31 MDT 2002

I am concerned that anyone on this list would think that this anti-woman,
anti-feminist tripe would be "appropriate about the debate concerning
Gender and Class". The fundamental premise that feminism "is but one way
by which to attempt to entice women, the majority of whom are found in
poll after poll to prefer to be stay-at-home, married moms, to enter the
work force" is certainly not a worthy contribution to a debate on a
marxist email list on the question of Gender & Class.

I enjoy many of the posts to this list, as I have for the years that I
have subscribed (almost since the inception of the list), but really these
sorts of posts, with fundamental anti-woman bias, have become a bit too
common. At a point at which we desparately need to build up women
leadership within our movements (and within our parties, for those who are
affiliated with party-structure organizations), this sort of "debate" is
not valuable, and is one of the many reasons that this list (like most
email lists with similar subject matter) suffers from an extreme gender
imbalance --- the vast vast majority of posts to the lists are from men,
and, while only Lou knows the subscriber list, I would guess that greater
than 75% of the subscribers are men as well.

Can we please ensure that the only posts regarding "American Family
Values" oriented groups in the future are postings which announce where
demonstrations will take place to oppose them.

- Tony

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