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> > > Can we please ensure that the only posts regarding "American Family
> > > Values" oriented groups in the future are postings which announce
> > > demonstrations will take place to oppose them.
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> > > - Tony
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> >The person who posted the message you're referring to is making a
> >feminist-friendly political point about one right wing group's
> >semi-coherent, quasi-paranoid view of the women's movement. In no way is
> >poster promoting these twisted values.
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> >Cherie Pleau
> Cherie et al.,
> Okay, did I misunderstand who was writing what in that original post?
> Perhaps (If so, my apologies). But that still doesn't explain this part of
> the post which came from the poster:
> "The fundmental premise of the group (that
> children need both parents)is valid"
> Kiss my lesbian ass it's valid.
> Xyxyxyyx

The poster is the only person who can clarify what he meant. My position is
that children needs lots of different people in their lives. Unfortunately,
the nuclear family (a mother and a father) limits the adult nurturing and
approval children desperately need. It's bad enough that adults are dealing
with the day-to-day stressors of capitalism with all its cruelty, but what
makes it so much more tragic is that many of these little defenseless ones
become the ultimate victims of the fear, anger, frustration, and sometimes
even rage and madness of the adults in their small world. And it's even
harder for the only adult in their young lives to keep it together for the

And children need different kinds of people in their lives. If one or two
adults are having problems, then they should be able to freely go to other
adults who are not in crisis. And children need both males and females,
young and old, those with different lifestyles, those who can teach many and
different things to children, those who will continually encourage them so
these children can grow into individual, productive, creative, loving human

Cherie Pleau

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