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> > Cherie et al.,
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> > Okay, did I misunderstand who was writing what in that original post?
> > Perhaps (If so, my apologies). But that still doesn't explain this part
> > the post which came from the poster:
> >
> > "The fundmental premise of the group (that
> > children need both parents)is valid"
> >
> > Kiss my lesbian ass it's valid.
> >
> > Xyxyxyyx
> The poster is the only person who can clarify what he meant. My position
> that children needs lots of different people in their lives.
> the nuclear family (a mother and a father) limits the adult nurturing and
> approval children desperately need. It's bad enough that adults are
> with the day-to-day stressors of capitalism with all its cruelty, but what
> makes it so much more tragic is that many of these little defenseless ones
> become the ultimate victims of the fear, anger, frustration, and sometimes
> even rage and madness of the adults in their small world. And it's even
> harder for the only adult in their young lives to keep it together for the
> child.
> And children need different kinds of people in their lives. If one or two
> adults are having problems, then they should be able to freely go to other
> adults who are not in crisis. And children need both males and females,
> young and old, those with different lifestyles, those who can teach many
> different things to children, those who will continually encourage them so
> these children can grow into individual, productive, creative, loving
> beings.
> Cherie Pleau

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