NOW and Marxism

Tony Tracy tony at
Fri Aug 9 17:44:49 MDT 2002

I too apologize if I have mis-construed the purposes of the post to which
I objected. In reading it, I found it to be so highly offensive that it
was difficult to find contained within it any context or point which was
being made, other than the "irrational, semi-coherent, quasi-paranoid view
of the women's movement".

In general, however: there are many extraordinarily offensive tracts from
many many right-wing / "family values" / anti-semitic / conspiracy-driven
/ etc. group across the continent & across the internet. I see no need to
re-post any of these hate tracts to this email list, whose purpose I
understand to be a discussion of contemporary Marxism. I'm sure we all
have our own favourite piece of right wing crap that we love to hate, but
I see no need for us to forward and re-post every piece of anti-woman
literature on the net to a marxist email list, regardless of intent.

- Tony Tracy

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Xyxyxyyx (Xyxy) Xyyxyx wrote:

> > > Can we please ensure that the only posts regarding "American Family
> > > Values" oriented groups in the future are postings which announce where
> > > demonstrations will take place to oppose them.
> > >
> > > - Tony
> >
> >The person who posted the message you're referring to is making a
> >feminist-friendly political point about one right wing group's irrational,
> >semi-coherent, quasi-paranoid view of the women's movement. In no way is the
> >poster promoting these twisted values.

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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