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Sat Aug 10 04:34:11 MDT 2002


With respect, how does "reacting with anger and
defensiveness to 'family-values' rhetoric" improve "the
low-level of feminist analysis on this list"?  Since
you "don't really feel like producing 'data'
or 'theory'," how is what you're presenting
an "analysis"?

You tell someone to kiss your lesbian ass and, when
audience members shout their objections, you wheel on
them and tell them that you won't be lectured about
it.  Pure Jerry Springer, the perfect template for good
captialist entertainment--cheap, sensationalist,
unthinking and, in human terms, utterly and completely
pointless.  All that we now need is to have a few
skinhead devil-worshipping bikers storm the stage, so
Louis can declare a commercial break.

In terms of substantive argument, I'd very much like to
hear your response to Cherie's post, which hit the nail
on the head in saying that all the evidence indicates
that kids do best with more adult role models and
influences around them.  (I'd add that "children" mean
something very different with very different needs at
different points in their life.)

Mark L.

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