NOW and Marxism

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> The person who posted the message you're referring to is making a
> feminist-friendly political point about one right wing group's irrational,

<<Oh, what a load of bullshit.

He's parroting fascist propadanda, either because he is a right-wing troll,
or because he's too fucking clueless to stop himself from writing like one.

ANYONE who parrots fascist propaganda in his first paragraph gets what's
coming to him when he gets his ass flamed.


Actually, if you should read the first paragraph, he explains what he is
quoting. I agree that quoting these reactionaries extensively was probably
not the best idea, and I think that perhaps this person is misguided in his
apparent support of one aspect, at least, of the nuclear family, but, hell,
the reality is that most communists and many feminists are traditional
parents who choose to live and function within the nuclear family structure.

Personally, I despise the structure of the nuclear family and desperately
wish I could watch it collapse and disintegrate. Instead, I will probably
only live long enough to continue to see it weaken ever so slowly.


Cherie Pleau

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