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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sat Aug 10 15:17:25 MDT 2002

While I do not necessarily discount your observations re. the manner in
which men and women communicate with and between each other, I certainly
do think that Louis should be congratulated for his moderation [!] in
this case.  If you have followed his posts over the number of years I
have, you would notice a concerted effort on his part to de-escalate the
situation vis a vis José.  I think the difference in his tones between
Erin and José have more to do with the possibility that because of past
exchanges, the aggragated behaviour of José weighed in closer to the
edge of Louis's acceptable parameters.  This may be a gender difference,
in that for Louis to get personal on this list the way he did in this
thread it means he's got someone in his scope.  He had not toted enough
up on Erin to go there, so he kept it more in the abstract.
Mabe I'm wrong in this, but that's the way I would read it.

By the way, did I actually mention that I might not be a masculine
Do you assume that I am (or am not) by my writing style, or what I write
Now that would be interesting to find out...

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