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Sat Aug 10 16:47:43 MDT 2002

Sorry to post so much today, but I need to deal with this...

Lou, you are misrepresenting my intent here. I am NOT suggesting that there
should not be a critical examination of feminist theory. You are avoiding
the issue I was raising with YOU, which was (and is) the paternalistic way
you have treated me in this thread.

Let's try to remember what has happened here:
Gerard Smith:

 >Here's an snip from a website about Betty Friedman from Fathers for Life
 > Thought it appropriate about the debate
 >concerning Gender and Class. The fundmental premise of the group (that
 >children need both parents)is valid;

Xyxyxyyx (Xyxy) Xyyxyx:

 >"The fundmental premise of the group (that
 >children need both parents)is valid"
 >Kiss my lesbian ass it's valid.
Louis Proyect:

 >It would be much more useful if comrades who were knowledgable about
feminist issues patiently explain them to those who need edification. When
Carrol started >bellowing about "scabs" the other week, it was exactly what
was not needed--especially from somebody who was the moderator of a
Marxism-Feminism list. Nor do we >need to say things like kiss my lesbian
ass <snip>

>Xyxyxyyx (Xyxy) Xyyxyx wrote:
>>...I resent the idea that any (especially heterosexual) man (even you
>>Lou, who I respect very much) would tell ME, a lesbian woman, that I have
>>been a very bad girl (more or less) by reacting with anger and
>>defensiveness to "family-values" rhetoric. I find it paternalistic and
>>further evidence of the low-level of feminist analysis on this list.
Louis Proyect:
 >Feminism, like socialism, is an ideal. I saw this mailing list as an
opportunity to critically examine the socialist movement, which has tended
to go up blind alleys >because of the inability of the movement to see its
own warts. Although I am not as immersed in the literature of the feminist
movement, something suggests to me that a >critical examination can only
help there as well.

Your response is to accuse me of not being self-critical about feminism?

I don't think I'm going to let you get away with that Lou, not a chance.
Could you please deal with the way you responded to me? Like a good
self-critical feminist boy?


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