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viveka kaliyuga at
Sat Aug 10 23:41:12 MDT 2002

Chris wrote:

> The commodification of sex is quite logical under capitalism.
> Xyxyxyyx mentions the magnitude of sexual prostitution in the USA (if
> that's what she means by "this country"), but its exponential malignancy
> in the erstwhile Eastern Bloc states really should be highlighted,
> emphasized and reiterated as the results of market relations' rough
> intrusion.  Whole peoples are in the process--NOW!--of being
> effectively, and materially raped by capitalism.

I might add also that prostitution has returned to Cuba, largely as a result
of the re-introduction of certain capitalist elements.  I think we need to
start with the premise that gender and race issues are better resolved in a
socialist context rather than a capitalist one, so that our focus should be
primarily forging alliances - rather than putting forward individual agendas
which act as obstructions to our more primary goal of creating a society
based on socialist principles.

Yes, men rape women, they also kill other men, enslave both men and women,
on and on.  But would a socialist society allow such things?  Chris' point
is well taken about the rise of prostitution in Eastern Europe.  One can't
help but conclude that the problem is not "men" per se, but men acting (or
being allowed to act) because the social situation allows for it.  Similar
conclusions about the exploitation of women can be drawn from the defeat of
the Soviets in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

As far as prostitution being empowering, well, it's as empowering as any
non-union temp job without benefits, I guess.


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