Lula backs IMF loan.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Sun Aug 11 10:51:07 MDT 2002

To Chris and Mario:

Okay, Ciro Gomes _is_ a conservative and belongs to the Right wing of the
Brazilian political specter. But I believe that to simply attach him such a
label is to brutalize political differences and therefore not to understand
the reasons for Ciro's success history. Ciro has allied itself, among other
things, to that old remnant of the populist period of Brazilian
politics -and Vargas' political heir- Leonel Brizola, and has regarded the
latest IMF loan as a catastrophe to be accepted only because of Brazil's
being in the direst short, he has taken a very nuanced but
neverthless more daring nationalist position far from today's PT, which has
just withdrawn from the informal polling to be held between next September
1st. and 7th. (September the 7th being Brazil's Idependence Day) on the
joint issues of, first, cancelling the foreign debt; secondly, not joining
the FTAA; thirdly,ceding the US an aeroespatial basis in Maranhão, and to
boot, on an extraterritorial, Brazilians-keep-your-hands-off basis.
According to today's Folha de São Paulo, the PT has balked from this
Catholic Church sponsored  plebiscite, lest it should appear as

Ciro is a rightwinger, but also a rightwinger _populist_, with real roots on
a tradition of authroritarian nationalistic modernization that runs deep in
modern Brazilian politics.

Regards_Carlos Eduardo Rebello (who will vote for the PSTU - Unified
Socialist Workers Party - in the 1st. round of the next elections).

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