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Craven, Jim jcraven at
Sun Aug 11 12:11:28 MDT 2002

> The person who posted the message you're referring to is making a
> feminist-friendly political point about one right wing group's irrational,

Oh, what a load of bullshit.

He's parroting fascist propadanda, either because he is a right-wing troll,
or because he's too fucking clueless to stop himself from writing like one.

ANYONE who parrots fascist propaganda in his first paragraph gets what's
coming to him when he gets his ass flamed.


Response (Jim C): This gets at some of the stuff going on on this list about
assuming something about people we don't know. Saying that a particular line
leads to... is one thing; saying that a particular line is in error for the
following reasons... is another thing; saying that an asserted "fact" is not
a fact or not a salient "fact" based on the following evidence and
reasoning... is another thing. But this, Jose, this charge (parroting
right-wing/fascist propaganda) could have easily been levelled against you
for your positions on vouchers, heavily supported by the right-wing intent
on creating anti-communist and religiously bigoted clone academies all over
America--and getting some support from their nominal opposition conerned
about deteriorating public schools for their own children. Plus Gerry was
quoting not supporting their positions, only saying that single-parent
families, under capitalism, often suffer additional hardships in addition to
two-parent families.

Since I am the only one on this list who actually KNOWS Gerry, as we have
taught at the same institution for over ten years together and were
roommates, I can fully attest that Gerry is no right-wing troll nor is he
"fucking clueless" (except to the extent to which we are ALL "fucking
clueless" only on different subjects. Anyone want a list of subjects about
which I am "fucking clueless"? and on that list includes no doubt, some
salient and important feminist issues).

Jim Craven

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