Why is "capitalism" a trendy term again?

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Sun Aug 11 13:34:31 MDT 2002

I love that Groucho quote!
Another Marxist.

Capitalism has entered a period of crisis that is so fundamental
that it cannot be ignored.  I agree with you about the increase in
of capitalism--and in article about the various deficiencies of the
system both in the USA and around the world.  There are still
triumphalist pieces about the victories of the market system in
places like China, but they are countered, again as I am sure you
noticed, by articles about how awful the system is for ordinary folks.

The fact that doctors are quitting because of insurance costs,
and the fact that nurses are in short supply because they have
been asked to do way more for much less, and that hospitals
are closing, and old age homes are torture centers rather than
refuges, and millions of people are uncovered, and the poorest
pay more for medical care, and that some doctors are culling
their patient lists of all but their wealthiest clients (NB: not
patients, clients, health consumers if you will), shows
another crisis in the system.

A weekend ago President Bush The Younger declared that the
nine rescued miners demonstrated what was great about the
USA: how we pull together and help each other.  I felt like
someone had spiked my drink.
So, um, Georgee, national health care would help.
We've got millions of Americans trapped in cramped, dark,
unhealthy, unpromising lives... while rich crooks slide
around --oops!  Sorry, George may just be one of them crooks.

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