Academic Marxists?

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Sun Aug 11 14:39:15 MDT 2002

I've now heard several academic Marxists on this list
tell me how nifty keen their employing institutions
are.  Although they're at odds right now, both Nancy
and Gerard have taken this position.  In any other
industry, other workers would simply write them off
as "company men" or "company women".

I'm curious if they think that there's something
special about being a professor or working for an
educational institution that somehow reconciles their
claim to radicalism with an affinity for their
employing institutions.

Mark L.

Response (Jim C): Mark, while acknowledging your point, and it is very
telling, I must note, from personal experience and extensive observation,
that which Gerry Smith, out of modesty, will not reveal. Among the real shit
disturbers here, and there are few real ones, Gerry is high on the list and
if any of his comments have sounded like an endorsement of this institution
where we work, well that is certainly not his position.

We just got a President of this college removed (by the wrong people for the
wrong reasons); a woman who was a self-identified "feminist", who rose
"up"[?] through the ranks from secretary to registrar to dean of students to
president (getting a bullshit Ed.D in an abbreviated/"customized" program in
"Educational Leadership") through schmoozing, networking and just plain
Machiavellianism (this woman is the only person I have ever seen describe
Machiavelli as her patron saint and admit that she uses Machiavelli's "The
Prince" [actually was a put on and reductio ad absurdum polemic according to
some Renaissance Historians] as her main "management reference bible"),
carefully placing other Machiavellian women who were with her in her studies
or at the institution, and who reserved most of their wrath and alleged
treachery for women of color here, allegedly using state funds to bankrupt
them and prevent these women even having a hearing of their grievances.

Gerry was an open and outspoken opponent of this person and others like her
for which he suffered as faculty traitors (many of them women and
self-described "feminists", "lesbians", liberals, "Gay activists"
etc--totally reactionary outside and inside their little self-interest
niches )ostracized him in many ways. When this president was removed, in a
coup that involved the College Foundation (richest in the nation) and the
local media, among the voices celebrating the removal of this president, the
loudest came from women celebrating her departure and letting loose with a
barrage of hidden incidents in which women on the "lower levels" of the
hierarchy complained of being screwed over by other women (and of course
males in power as well) with an evident and direct relationship between
extent of self-identification/trading on supposed "feminism" on the one hand
and willingness to exploit other women on the other hand. Gerry was among
the few males willing to openly point out "phony feminism" on the part of
the women elites, phony Gay/Lesbian activism etc, while on the other hand
bringing into his classes some of the real radical feminists, indigenous
writers, Gay/Lesbian activists etc.

Gerry also has not only been involved in trying to get a real union going
and fighting real issues for academics, he has been among the few academics
here fighting for staff, student and community issues that go way beyond
(and in some cases are opposed by selfish petit-boureois faculty) academic
or faculty issues.

Just thought I would add that from what I have seen and participated in

Jim C.

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