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Sun Aug 11 18:15:29 MDT 2002

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Subject: Latest from Al Fara

> Friends,
> I am still here in Al Fara refugee camp (Sunday evening). Yesterday we
> the day at a farm in the Fara valley, south of the camp. It is a beautiful
> area irrigated by small channels flowing from a spring at the head of the
> valley, covered with lime and orange trees. It was so peaceful, you could
> forget completely about the whole conflict.
> Today we went to two nearby villages of Tubas and Akkaba where the army
> destroyed homes within the last week, to document the destruction and talk
> to families and neighbours.
> Still staying in the same house but no sign of army at camp so far. May
> to leave here in the next few days to go to Nablus again or to Bethlehem.
> We hope to be replaced by other internationals but the tradegy is that as
> soon as we go the army could come and destroy the home whether that is
> tommorrow or in a months time.
> Salah Afifi, the Irishman whos been arrested, will probably be deported on
> Wednesday, hes still in Ramle prison but is in good spirits. Im taking the
> liberty of forwarding to you his statement from prison.
> Thanks for all your messages, they keep my spirits up, and its great to be
> able to tell the people here that not all the world has forgotten them.
> Ma-salaam (Goodbye!)
> Colm
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